The NorthEast Wholesale Food Distributors Association is a dynamic organization dedicated to serving the needs of the NorthEast Food Distribution community. NEWFDA provides networking and educational opportunities to Distributors, Wholesalers, Manufacturers, and Brokers in the food distribution industry to foster long-term business relationships, which in turn, strengthen our industry.

Established in 1875, the NorthEast Wholesale Food Distributors Association is the nation’s oldest food association. NEWFDA’s mission is to provide value to the NorthEast Wholesale Food Distribution community through education, professional training, and networking. We address the issues and challenges faced by the Distributor, Wholesaler, Manufacturer, Manufacturer and Broker community and provide a common ground for effective solutions. We are proud to offer our members professional development programs, professional networking opportunities, scholarship assistance, and recreational discount programs.  To learn about the programs we offer, we invite you to explore our website.